Has Closed It's Doors.

Unfortunately TellyAdder is no longer being updated or supported. It has been an interesting and fun two years but it's time we move on.....

Alternative to TellyAdder:

Don't give up so fast! There is one other option...
We strongly suggest you check out This all-in-one YouTube account management and automation software is the next best thing to what TellyAdder once was. Tube Toolbox is free to try and still being fully updated/supported! A promo code for Tube Toolbox is available for anyone who already owns a TellyAdder license. Contact us for more info.

TellyAdder Team.

TellyAdder Terms of Service and Conditions


By downloading and/or purchasing TellyAdder you signify your agreement to all the terms displayed on this page. If you find that you do not agree to the following terms and conditions please do not download or purchase TellyAdder software. These terms of service and conditions may be altered at anytime by TellyAdder.

Tolerated Use

TellyAdder is to be used in respect to YouTube's Terms of Use. Directly from the YouTube Terms of Use page: "You agree not to use or launch any automated system, including without limitation, "robots," "spiders," or "offline readers," that accesses the Website in a manner that sends more request messages to the YouTube servers in a given period of time than a human can reasonably produce in the same period by using a conventional on-line web browser." Therefor you must use TellyAdder with it's built in "Time Delay" features and leave them at their default "60" seconds between actions and "8" actions per every "10" minutes settings. Altering these minimum time delays may result in your YouTube account being deleted or termination from the YouTube website.


Please use your five hour trial evaluation period to decide wisely whether or not you want to purchase. No refunds will be made at any time. If you purchase TellyAdder on a monthly payment plan you can cancel your subscription at anytime but the initial fee and previously paid months cannot be refunded. If you purchase TellyAdder on a one-time only payment plan you are not entitled to any refunds. You may switch your registration from one computer to another at anytime, please contact us for assistance doing so. You agree you will not exploit the TellyAdder software in anyway. If you are found to have shared your license or your registration code will be terminated without refund. The TellyAdder software is shareware, and is only to be shared in it's demo state. We will take any legal actions necessary if this is violated.


It is your responsibility alone to make sure the actions being sent from TellyAdder are actually being processed by YouTube's servers. Sending too fast or on a new account can sometimes raise flags and will cause YouTube to never send anything even though TellyAdder tells you otherwise. You will not claim TellyAdder, it's developers, affiliates or anyone related to the TellyAdder software/website to be liable for lost information, time, or profits. By using the TellyAdder software your YouTube account could be terminated, frozen, etc at anytime by the YouTube website if the software is abused or not used properly.