Has Closed It's Doors.

Unfortunately TellyAdder is no longer being updated or supported. It has been an interesting and fun two years but it's time we move on.....

Alternative to TellyAdder:

Don't give up so fast! There is one other option...
We strongly suggest you check out This all-in-one YouTube account management and automation software is the next best thing to what TellyAdder once was. Tube Toolbox is free to try and still being fully updated/supported! A promo code for Tube Toolbox is available for anyone who already owns a TellyAdder license. Contact us for more info.

TellyAdder Team.

What is This?

TellyAdder was automation/management software for your YouTube channel.

Just collect a list of channels or videos and have TellyAdder automatically send them your message, comment, friend invite, +much more. It's as easy as clicking a few buttons and walking away... TellyAdder takes care of the rest.

Unfortunately we have closed down. Try the alternative:

Download Tube Toolbox Now.

Free to try!