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Rotate Comments and Messages

Send multiple different comments and messages to your extracted userIDs or videoIDs.

1) Select the "Send/Post" tab.

2) As we mentioned on the Send Automated Messages and Post Video or Channel Comments pages you can rotate your comments and messages.

Check "Rotate" and create multiple comments/messages for TellyAdder to rotate through (this is highly recommended since YouTube will detect you faster if you send the same comment/message over and over).

You can click the up/down arrows in the textbox to create new messages/comments or edit previous messages/comments. (see the image below)

!) Don't forget to set your time delays in the "Options" section! We strongly recommend you set "Time Delay (seconds)" to at least 60 seconds. We also strongly recommend you leave "Forced Time Delay (minutes)" set to 8 actions every 10 minutes. Have questions about this? Disucss it on the forums or contact us.

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