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Extracted IDs Lists

Sort and arrange your extracted user IDs, video IDs and group IDs.

1) Click the "Extract" tab. You can view these lists on some other tabs, but the "Extract" tab will always display all three of them.

This right column displays all the IDs you have extracted with the software. You can right click any ID to remove them from the list or view the ID in the browser.

Clicking the "Clear" button will delete all IDs in the list.

The green "+" button will allow you to add a new ID to your list. The red "X" button will remove the selected ID from the list.

The green down arrow button allows you to export and save your list of IDs and the red up arrow button will let you import lists of IDs.

The "R.A.P." checkbox stands for "Remove After Processed". If this is checked your IDs will be removed one by one as they are sent an action. For example if you have 100 IDs in your list and begin to send them messages each ID will be removed from the list after the message is sent to them. This keeps your list a bit more organized.

The number beneath the "R.A.P" checkbox is the amount of IDs loaded in the current list.

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