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Channel Managing Tools

Keep track of your YouTube accounts and channel activity.

1) Click the "Manage" tab.

There are several tools in the "Manage" tab. You will find that over time your YouTube marketing campaign will become much easier to work with when using these features.

2) The "Accounts" section saves and organizes all of your YouTube accounts in one list. Whatever account you enter here is also reflected in the "Login" window that appears when you launch TellyAdder.

You can add a new account by clicking the green "+" button, remove a selected account by clicking the red "X" button or edit a selected account by clicking the button with the pencil icon.

3) The "Statistics" section keeps track of all the actions you send with the software. Whatever account is currently logged in is displayed. You can clear your account's statistics at anytime by selecting "Statistics" and clicking "Clear" in the "Log Files" section.

4) The "Log Files" section allows you to adjust your log file settings. By default "Enable Log Files" is always checked, it will keep track of all the IDs you send actions to when using the software. Unless you have "Send to Logged IDs" checked (which we recommend you don't check) the software will never send a particular action to the same ID more than once.

Clicking the button with the folder icon will take you to where your log files are all stored.

Clicking the "Clear" button will clear the currently selected log file. Be careful when you do this, it cannot be undone!

5) The "Browse" section is a quick way to extract users or videos from your currently logged in YouTube channel. For example if you need to send all your subscribers a message about an event, simply select "Subscribers" from the drop down menu click the green arrow button, then click the "Extract" button. The userIDs were just added to your extracted userID list and you can now send them your message.

You can also set this to "Videos" rather than "Users" and collect your uploaded videos or favorite videos.

6) The "Multiple Accounts" section enables you to send actions from several accounts at the same time. Click here to learn more.

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