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Time Delays

Prevent your account from violating YouTube's terms of use by setting reasonable time delays.

1) Click either the "Send/Post" or "Subscribe/Join" tab. These are the only tabs affected by time delays.

2) It is a fact that TellyAdder is acceptable by the YouTube "terms of use" as long as you set appropriate time delays between actions. As you may have noticed on previous pages of this guide we have put a strong emphasis on using time delays. This is because we urge that you do use them! Your account's life depends on it! Abusing the software and sending too fast WILL get your account deleted by YouTube.

As you can see in the image below there are two different time delays in the "Options" section of both the "Send/Post" and "Subscribe/Join" tabs. "Time Delay (seconds)" is the interval that the software will wait between each action. For example if you leave this set to the default setting, 60 seconds, and begin to send automated friend invites then the software will send one friend invite every 60 seconds. "Forced Time Delay (minutes)" asks you to set how many actions you want to send before the forced waiting period. Yes, unfortunately TellyAdder must take occasional breaks while sending actions to YouTube. We recommend you leave this set to 8 actions every 10 minutes to ensure your account's health and to ensure that YouTube delivers all your requests. For example if you leave this set to the default setting, 8 and 10, and begin sending messages then the software will send 8 messages every 10 minutes.

3) Once you have set your time delays you can begin sending actions.

You could get away with sending some actions faster than others but we strongly recommend you leave the time delays set to at least 60 seconds and 8 actions every 10 minutes for everything.

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