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Extract 100 IDs per second

TellyAdder will collect an entire target audience in a matter of seconds.

1) Select the "Extract IDs" tab. Then select to extract User IDs, Video IDs, or Group IDs.

If you plan to send messages, post channel comments, send friend invites or auto subscribe; select User IDs. If you plan to post video comments, auto add to playlist or favorites; select Video IDs. Or if you plan to auto join groups select Group IDs.

2) Enter the channel, keyword, or whatever you desire to extract from. Select how many pages. Click "Go"!

3) TellyAdder will begin collecting IDs.

4) In a matter of moments TellyAdder will generate a list of thousands of YouTube IDs for you to work with.

Now What? Put your collected IDs to use and send them messages, comments, friend invites and much more.

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